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Brian & Alex Favorit

Yamada Yu at the north shore soap factory
North Shore Soap Factory
Yamada Yu
Hawaiian soap on Mt Everest
Mt. Everest

Photos of our customers with HBB soap all over the world.

Will be using it exclusivly from now on.

I just wanted to let you know we have been buying your products for over a year now and we love all of them! Our middle girl, Chloe who is 6 and has eczema has had no problems at all since we have been using your soap. I ran out last week and I used a bar of Dawn soap on her and within 1 day she had 7 spots on her. From now on I am going to make sure I have a supply of your products on hand at all times and we will only buy from The North Shore Soap Factory!


... we love all of them!

I was there in Sept. and bought some soap and things. Love them. I have trouble with soap and beings this doesn't have detergents in it I can use it. Plus it smells good. Love my kakui nut oil and moistureizer. So thank you for having this wonderful product. Will be using it exclusivly from now on.

Brandy Neelis from Albion, Michigan

I can't believe how fast it arrived from Hawaii!

Thank you for my order that I placed this past Tuesday! I received it today! I can't believe how fast it arrived from Hawaii all the way here to Pennsylvania! 3 days! Wow! Some things right here on the mainland take the same time or, most of the time, longer to get here than Hawaii! My husband, kids and I love our new products with Kukui Oil! Thank you so much for making wonderful products! Thank you for the beautiful brochures too! I know we'll be ordering more things in the near future! By the way, I have told several of my friends about your website. So, if you get more orders from PA, it's probably because I told them about you!

Christina and Family from Pennsylvania

My dermatologist was very impressed with how great my skin looked!

I ordered some of your unscented products last month (bar soap, kukui oil, & lip balm) and absolutely love them. I'm on Accutane right now for cystic acne and it is known to cause incredibly dry, flaky skin. Well, when I saw my dermatologist last week, she was very impressed with how great my skin looked. I told her about Hawaiian Bath and Body, that I've been using your stuff exclusively, and she asked her nurse to write down your company name so she can check you out herself.

Anyways, I just placed 2 orders today (a gift for my step-mom and more stuff for myself) but I was wondering if you could include some samples of some of the fragrances.


The package has arrived today, very fast!

It was also nicely packed, thank you!
The Lip Balm is soft, Body Oil is so smooth, and the Soap is gentle.
Everything is very nice with the scent of Happy Hawai'i.

I'm glad you ship internationally now,  I'll be the regular customer for sure! I had been looking for citrus scented lip balm for long time, and was very happy when I found your tangerine balm. 


I received the Hawaiian Spice body oil and the Coconut body wash and I LOVE…LOVE…LOVE IT!! Every morning when I come into work, people say, “I smell something like coconuts in here.” My skin is so dry because of the hard water over here in Germany, so that body oil is working great! I got my mother her mother’s day gift from your store too! I know she will love it as I do. Thank you so much for the great homemade products ;~)

Yes please use my e-mail for the testimonials page! I wish I had a picture of me with a German background holding your products, like the lady that went to Africa and was holding a bar of soap. I thought that was so cool ;~)


This is Amy, Michael Keane’s wife. We met you on our honeymoon at your factory store on the weekend of 1/26/08. How are you? Just wanted to drop you an email, complimenting you on the great quality of your soaps! We absolutely love the patchouli soap and would like to order more…like a whole box! I have a bit of psoriasis on my elbow, and the soap helped clear it up without medication. Don’t you just love natural healing?

I believe in your product and would like to say: KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

Dear Jerry,
I have used regular commercial soaps all my life. Now over the past year or so every time after take a shower/bath my skin gets HORRIBLY itchy for about 20 minutes after I finish my shower/bathe. I tried changing my moisturizer. I tried changing the temperature of the water I used. I tried moisturizing in the shower while my skin was still wet. I tried changing my bath towel/loofah and also tried just using the soap bar by itself. I tried not exfoliating. I thought maybe it was my razor so I switched razors. I tried not shaving for awhile. I tried other commercial brands of soap you commonly find at your local Grocery store etc and nothing worked. I went to 2 Dermatologists. The first dermatologist told me I would have to start taking Antihistamines which I did not do as I thought "there must be a more natural solution than a prescribed pill". The second dermatologist prescribed a few different steroid creams that I tried but had little to no effect. I was at the end pf my rope! I mean a girls gotta shower! So I decided to do my own research and went online and did a lot of reading. Along the way I came across the website The website was very informative about their products, and the ingredients used looked like a dream come true so I decided to give them a shot and placed an order. Tonight I used the Kukui Nut Dream Unscented soap and guess what....tonight was my first bath in over a year without any itching or irritation WHATSOEVER!! I can not believe it! I saw 2 dermatologists and all I needed was a quality, natural bar of soap! I can not wait to jump in the shower again! My skin feels dewy soft and refreshed! Plus the bar has these little gentle exfoliating granules in it. I shaved with it as well and my skin is not even slightly irritated! The scent is great and the price point is quite reasonable. Having something as simple as a bath used to be such an unpleasant experience for me and now my skin woes are cured with 1 bar of soap! I know this email is lengthy but I just feel that it's important in case there are others out there with a similar issue. I will definately be ordering again and would recommend this product.

Thanks so much!
Hello There,
I just wanted to let you know that I think you all are wonderful! I put in an order to be mailed to California on 8/31/07 and my boss is enjoying your products now! Thank you for the ease of ordering and the communicating where my order was at every stage. Mahalo for your professionalism and wonderful products.

I'll definitely be ordering and stopping by to buy more products.

Mahalo again,
Keiki Liu
Every order I receive from you I enjoy even more!! Can that be possible? I do have a request--I need a salt/sugar body scrub. I use a self tanner and need that extra exfoliating action. More so in the summer but also use in the winter months as well to keep dry skin at bay. What can you recommend? I see you have salts but not mixed with oils that I can use in the shower. Please advise. I appreciate your help in this matter.

Mahalo nui loa,
I received my order of coconut and sugar cane body wash yesterday and was VERY excited. My family and I were in your store when we were vacationing end of June/ beginning of July and LOVED your products. One of my very favorite scents is coconut and the extra samples of coconut cream soap was a wonderfully appreciated bonus in my package!

Mahalo and Happiness,
Christine Covert
Hey Jerry and Girls, Thanks for all of your help
Hope all is well for you guys. It's Emiko and Koen from Lotus car. We are back in SF and missing the weather in Hawaii really bad. Its been freezing in SF. By the way, we want to thank you to keep your store open late after business hour for us. We absolutely loved your products. My family in Japan, his family in The Netherlands loved them as well. They all are smell nice and great quality. I have just order through your online now to give away for some friends.We have not taking pics in front of Golden Gate Bridge with your items, yet! We will send you scan pages from Japanese magazine called "Hawaii Style". Remember? We showed to you guys. Anyway, we hope we can be back there soon. Please take care!Emiko and KoenAloha from th ps home for friends, and they have absolutely LOVED it!!

PS: I love being able to connect to the island through the Hawaii cam.

Keep up the good work!!
Linda 4/13/07
Aloha and Mahalo Stacey Carby for finding our company.
Aloha! I visited on December 12. Finisher of the Honolulu Marathon? My name is Hisae Sawada. The photograph taken at that time is sent. It is reflected well? The enjoyment to use your soap every day.
I want to be going to make the on-line shopping next time. Mahalo
Hisae Sawada Honolulu Marathon
I got my soap and kukui nut oil already. It was wonderful. I can see my skin is getting different. I only used the oil for two days, but my pimples are going away. The mango papaya soap makes my skin smooth and a lot of moisturizer. I also would like find out what name of natural sponge you sale, because the sponge is fantastic and I had never used the sponge before. I love it. Could you tell me about sponge? Thank you. Every day I am happy to take a shower and bath.^-^ Yumi Aoki P.S.
Thank you for the coffee soap sample. Mahalo
Yumi Aoki 12/11/06
Dear Jerry,
We are delighted by the wonderful products available at the North Shore Soap Factory. I am so pleased to be able to place re-fill orders online and am looking forward to giving many Hawaiian Bath and Body gifts this Christmas.

We are from a northern and VERY cold Canadian climate in Edmonton, Alberta. I have discovered (just by trying it!) that your Kukui Nut Oil is FANTASTIC in my hair! No kidding!
Our skin and hair is very dry here because of the cold, and like many women, my hair is color treated so tends to dry out more quickly. I use just a drop or two of the unscented Kukui Nut oil in towel-dried hair and it adds moisture and shine without being greasy or oily. I highly recommend this practice about every second hair-washing -- excellent results!

Quite simply, I look forward to using your products for the rest of my life!
Mahalo! Nancy Critchley Edmonton, Alberta
Just want to tell you guys how much I love your soaps and your speedy, efficient service.
On top of that, you are kind enough to include samples with my orders and I want you to know
how much I appreciate the opportunity to try those products. You've got a great thing going...
keep it up! September 12, 2006

Chris Ramezzano

San Rafael, CA
Dear Jerry,
I was visiting my son in February, I visited your place. I bought a bunch of your soaps and the Kukui Nut oil. I have to tell you, your products are amazing. I have been using a prescription cream on my face for some allergic stuff for years. I use your soaps on my face every morning and evening, in the evening I put the Kukui oil on my face, neck and chest, for over two months now, I have not used the prescription cream and I have no itching. Thank you Thank you for saving me $30 a month!! Plus my skin is looking really great, I'm 53 and that means a lot!!
When I return sometime before the end of the year, I will definitely be visiting you again for lots more soaps and oils!!

Judy Murray
Dear Jerry,
I love this product!!!

Heidi Walrath Virginia Beach
Dear Jerry,
Dear Jerry & Deborah: It's always such a pleasure to step into your factory/ store--the glorious aromas envelope my senses, and the Aloha Spirit you and your staff possess warms my heart. It's a great 'get-together.' I've been using your all-natural, handmade soaps for a couple of years now--not only for my body but also as part of my facial care. I've tried over-the-counter cleansers and higher-end department store products, and they would work only on a short-tern basis. Your soaps have proven to be the one and only effective cleanser that yields satisfactory, consistent results on a loooong-term basis. I always get compliments on my skin, and proudly tell them 'HBB soap and water!'."

Catherine Symonds
I am a blue collar worker that is in my 50's and grew up in the 50's. My normal train of thought has been , mostly , to the right of center concerning most things. Starbucks , salads, and anything gourmet is a commie plo t....ect. That type of thing. Jerry and Debs soap is the only soap that will not give my 2 yr old daughter diaper rash!!!! Shouldn't say "diaper" . cause we are in the process of potty training her and diaper or not she responds in a negative fashion to the "normal" detergent laiden deodorants we have always used. There is no better litmus test than a babys butt! They have a great product.

Tim Shanley
I was at the factory in February, twice in 2 weeks actually, of this year and you convinced me to shave with the soap. Now I don't want to use anything else. I get the closest shaves with it.

Thanks again,
Albert Schulz
We discovered Hawaiian Bath & Body, 
We discovered Hawaiian Bath & Body on our most recent trip to the islands and have found that these natural soaps are by far the most popular souvenirs we have ever brought back for friends and family. Just recently we were cleaning the garage when we came across our luggage which still permeated with that fresh island scent.

We immediately ordered more.
We love the stuff!
Doug & Suzanne Olive Vista, CA
I have a friend in Wisconsin...
I have a friend in Wisconsin who ordered some of your products. She is so very happy with the products and loves the scents. The soap is gentle on her skin (mild psoriasis) and says that she's tried various products and your's seem to be the best. I've also given her some kukui nut oil and it's helping her skin...she looks forward to using your products during the harsh Wisconsin winter. I wonder what I'll get her for Christmas (hhhmmm???)

Aloha, Cara Scoville
Actually I discovered...
Actually I discovered Hawaiian Bath & Body soaps at a local festival on the North Shore about 3 years ago. You and your husband were both on site to help me understand the process and history a little bit. It was very interesting. After my first use of the camping and beach bar, I instantly became a loyal user of your soaps while I was living on Oahu. I used to buy most of them from Down To Earth or Kokua Market! And ALL of my family and friends at home received them as gifts.

I have since returned back to my homestate of New Jersey and miss the islands terribly. I thought that using the Hawaiian Bath & Body soaps again would help keep a part of the islands close to me! Not to mention, I can't stand to use "commercial" soap anymore. The natural ingredients of your soaps are by far, the best thing for my skin!

I am glad to tell you how much I love your products! Mahalo! Best of luck to you and keep up the good work!!

Aloha, Jenna
Loved your soaps!...
Loved your soaps! Will be ordering more. Friends from NY visited you in Hawaii and gave me your website. I've had a lot of problems finding soap for sensitive skin and your Kukui Nut Dream so far has been great! My Mom (who will be 88 next month) has been trying the chips you sent and hasn't found one she doesn't like...and she's very selective!

Barbara Ronemus Las Vegas
My nephew lives in Waialua...
My nephew lives in Waialua and he bought me some soap for Christmas. I have never before used a soap I enjoyed so much. Even at the end of the day I can still smell the fresh clean scent.

I love this soap!
Kathy Grant
Hi Debora!
My brother has been on medication for all of last year and he has been having problems with itchy dry skin as a side effect of the meds. At christmas time I gave him a bar of your soap from my last order. He called me today to let me know that he loves the soap and it really makes his skin more comforable. He wants me to send him more and wants to go in on my next order! I really notice a difference using your soap versus when I'm at the gym showering with their regular soap, I instantly feel itchy!

Janet Gray-Yamaoka
Hi Debora!
I loved it! Left my skin so soft and the smell was fresh and clean, not overly perfumed or flowery. I logged on to buy more for friends and family as well as myself. If you can get a distributor in CA, I'll be thrilled to hear of it. In the meantime, I appreciate that the shipping is a flat rate. That made it more affordable for me to get multiple bars.

Have a great day,
I was at the Blaisdall Craft Fair

I was at the Blaisdall Craft Fair and purchased some of your soaps and they are absolutely wonderful!!! I noticed that our skin is much softer and I'm hooked. I got myy family to use it as well and they love it!! The Tropical Blend soap that you recommended for my son who occasionally gets Psoriasis and dry skin works just wonderfully for him.

I want to order more.
Karen Wataru

Aloha Ariel!

Thank you for your quick response. I love your soaps in fact, I dislike using other soaps now. You've got me hooked! Thanks again and I look forward to tackling down the mail man when he arrives.

Estefania Senedrin

PS-I always buy a few of your sample bags to share with all of my friends and family. I truly believe everyone should convert over to your products!



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